Three years ago, Frankie and Sidney’s founder, Mandy McLoughlin, took to travelling around the nation with her trusty campervan, which she affectionately calls ‘Pegi’. Whilst on the road, she wanted a hobby that wouldn’t take hours to complete, that was easily portable, fun to do, and which wouldn’t take up a lot of space within Pegi. Needle-felting was the craft she turned to.

She taught herself various needle-felting techniques and continued to master the craft as she travelled. When friends and family and those she met saw what she’d created they wanted her to share her skills. 


With a long-held passion for design, Mandy saw a gap in the market to design her own needle-felting kits and she set about putting her own spin on the common-or-garden kits typically found in craft shops. The response she had saw her, six months later, launching her brand, Frankie and Sidney and putting all her energy and enthusiasm into the venture.

Mandy enjoys sharing her love of needle felting with others and showing them just how easy and fun it is to do. She holds regular needle-felting workshops and events in a bid to introduce the craft to a much wider audience.