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It’s a craft for all skill levels to enjoy and easy for those who have never done it before to perfect. Everything you need to make each character or design is within the kit. And the things you create will make great gifts for friends and family – if you can bear to part with them, that is!

Each needle felting kit from Frankie and Sidney has been specially designed and individually created to a very high standard. They include needles made in Europe, for example; they also feature recyclable materials wherever practical and wool from sustainable sources.

As all Frankie and Sidney kits are conceived in-house by our founder, and also because they’re not mass-market produced, we’re able to launch new designs on a monthly basis.

Our kits make the perfect gifts for would-be hobbyists. They’re loads of fun to complete and can help those with busy lives and minds to slow down and enjoy the moment. Perfect also for those passionate about all things crafting – such as knitters, painters, cross-stitchers, etc. – needle-felting adds another string to their bow (or thread to their needle!). 

Most of Frankie and Sidney’s designs can be made in around an hour and each kit contains step-by-step instructions and photographs to guide the crafter. An inexpensive and fun way to de-stress.


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